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dr. butcher m.d. “finis hominis”

[CD; $8 PPD]


dr. butcher m.d. “hexadecimate – the sixteen instructive tales… of decomposition”

[CD; $8 PPD]


animals within animals “parts is parts”

[limited run CD-r with handmade collage art; $12 PPD]


stAllio! “true data 12″”

[12" vinyl; $9 PPD]


v/a – “act like you understand” compilation
debut release from this label out of of lyons, france!
A side: Doormouse – “Final Eye of the European Breakcore Burnout”; Handbag/Abba – “Ruffest Gunark”; stAllio! – “Rockin’ the Pop Charts”; Roundop Ready – “Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas”
B side: Killjoy – “Muffhawk Smack Down”; Handbag/Abba – “Overnight Celebrity”; Valav – “Xhailn”

[12" vinyl, $10 PPD]


MAINLINE – “beware the eyes that paralyze”
hey! it only took OVER a whole YEAR to get these in after receiving the test pressings, but better late than never. this 12″ vinyl showcases 3 songs that were on the “chatter bleedthrough” (bt#4) release, as well as another song titled “polar reinforcement” – a track that was originally from the same sessions in which “chatter bleedthrough” was created, but had to be cut due to time constraints. plenty of heavy, distorted beats & breaks up against even heavier feedback textures!

[12" vinyl; $7 PPD]


VICIOUS CYCLE vs ZaQ – The “Hardcorn” e.p.
vicious cycle side : “Lippy” – slow, hard distorted hip-hop breaks galore. “Drink Up (paw)” – newer version of the one that showed up on the 1st freakshow sampler… spooky voices into HARD beats somewhere around 190, new breaks & more effects – solid.
ZaQ side : “Alone (I’m looking for you)” 220ish dark anthem with eerie bells dominating the sound plus the ramblings of some mad man. “Y2K Compliant” – from freakshow sampler vol. 1, straight ahead 4/4 gabber, solid, good for mixing.

[12" vinyl; $7 PPD]


I/O ERROR vs THE GABBIST MONKS – Da “Funky See,Funky Do” e.p.
i/o error side : “The Danger” & “Rebel Song” – heavy beats, vocal samples rammed into the ground and then some… cut and paste hardcore (a.k.a. bobcore)… good and awkward.
gabbist monks side : “Slice” @ 160 bpm crusher, dark and hard. “Blood of the Chilren” 260+ bpm anything goes, wierd vocal samples, great break, and ends on a very dark note.

[12" vinyl; $7 PPD]


OPAQUE vs DR. BUTCHER, M.D. – The “Dark” e.p.

opaque side : “Whan Taho” – distorted guitar type sound + vocal sample, build to hard 4/4 thumps and doesn’t really lay off until the end, aside from a build here or there – ripe for mixing.
dr. butcher m.d. - “Mind Silence” organs ring of death until the kick is delivered, pounds up to a vocal sample that is drenched in severve distortion and the kick is delivered once again – simply HARD. “We’re Going To Get You!” 160 broken beat, drops and introduces creepy girl voice saying the title, then bam – pounding 4/4… screaming, more pounding – ends in a lock groove.

[12" vinyl; $7 PPD]


OPAQUE “according to the prophecy”
this is the first in a new sub-label freakshow, dominion records, that will feature more of the hard, straight-ahead “4/4″ gabber & hardcore. opaque rises to the occassion with 3 hard stompers as well as one noise track simply titled “combustion”. “psychotic” from freakshow sampler vol. 2 has at last made its way onto vinyl!

[12" vinyl; $7 PPD]


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