known aliases: animals, AWIA
fighting style: culture jamming
wanted for: excessive remixing

animals within animals is a musical supergroup consisting of whoever wants to be in the band at the time… maybe even you! since they do whatever they want at any given moment, you can never be sure what you’ll get or even who’s doing what… but it may be noisy and it will probably involve sampling. stAllio! is the nominal leader of the group, but how can you control a sonic hurricane?


known aliases: skuuh, hairahcaz
fighting style: messageboard trolling
wanted for: voiding warranties

baconhanger was just a young gabber producer when we took him under our collective wing and corrupted him into whatever he is today. he’s since adopted all our worst habits—the splatter breakcore of dr. butcher m.d., the circuit-bending flavor of unszene, the sampling frenzy of stAllio!—and mashed them all up into a mutant sound that could very well be the future of bad taste.


known aliases: noisome, doctor booty, temple ov SID, dr. butcher WMD
fighting style: tr4x0r h4x0r
wanted for: practicing without a license, stage-diving with no crowd, menace to sobriety

in his evil lair, deep underground, dr. butcher m.d. conducts vile breakcore experiments and unleashes noise monstrosities and doomsday breaks upon an unsuspecting public. he began his relentless reign of terror in ’97 by assembling a ragtag bunch of misfits and and deviants he called “bad taste”. under his iron-fisted rule, bad taste has terrorized the world in waves, occasionally lying low, but only to plan the next attack. the doctor is in…. inside your house!


known aliases: the original wanksta, dj selly-out, stallone, stab stalloway, 5+4=10
fighting style: passive-aggressive
wanted for: copyright infringement, hackin’ da planet

behind the scenes, stAllio! keeps bad taste running in addition to his duties as “leader” of animals within animals and his own site (w/obligatory blog).

stAllio! is always trying new things and his releases rarely sound alike. for his bad taste debut, dissonance is bliss!, he plundered his hard drive to play around with databent sounds. his second release, perpetual emotion machine, used synths and found sounds to create annoying, claustrophic soundscapes. then he got da riddim with _the fezzuck_, sequencing his harsh tones and silly sound effects into something that is not quite dance music. then he returned to databending with the four intricately-programmed slammers on his true data 12″. then he put out an album that was the essence of his live show without being “live”. then he reinvented the mashup in mash smarter not harder and a huge smash.

do you get where i’m going with this? because i don’t… there’s no telling where stAllio! will go next.


known aliases: el borracho, muerto vaca, hoax wulf
fighting style: telephone harrassment
wanted for: cleanup on aisle 3

stunt rock called his music “sloppy”. indeed, el muerto zoke is more “stunt rock” than stunt rock himself is these days. this is what cognitive dissonance sounds like: a brutal collage of noise, exploitation movies, bizarre beats, and lo-fi madness. it’s hard, it’s depraved, and it’s disorienting.

zoke is bad taste’s newest member: our rising star and token latino. but despite the fact that none of us have ever met him in person, he quickly rose to the ranks of our inner circle through his determination, his devotion to bad taste and AWIA, and of course, his madcap music.