bad taste ringtones!

screw downloading entire songs! bad taste mp3 ringtones are short—around 20 to 40 seconds max—and are specially designed for cellphones and for people who don’t have the attention span to listen to an entire 4-minute song in a sitting.

rhythmic ringtones: breakcore, hardcore, hard electro, power noise, and other such ringtones

abstract ringtones: noise, experimental, collage, databent, and other non-rhythmic ringtones

how to use:

1. make sure your phone supports mp3 ringtones.
2. download the ringtones to your computer, or if you have web access on your phone itself, maybe you can download the ringtones that way or something.
3. copy the files from your computer to your phone somehow, like over bluetooth or using a USB cable, that kind of thing.
4. if you can’t figure out #3, maybe you can send the ringtones to your phone online as an SMS message or something.
5. consult your phone documentation for how to do ringtone stuff, like set a bad taste tone as your official ringtone, or delete it from your phone once you realize what a horrible mistake it was to download it in the first place.
6. if you have it on your phone but just can’t assign it as a ringtone, try moving it from your memory card to phone memory, and vice versa.
7. if that won’t do it, consult online forums… surely someone else with the same model phone has figured it out.
8. if in doubt, see #1.
9. rock out with your new bad taste ringtones! or suffer in the quiet agony of knowing you cannot use said ringtones.

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