bt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

drbmd - hexadecimatebt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

release date: april 16, 2008

format: compact disc

00 Soma Coma
01 Bloody Machiavellic Ritual
02 Psymouz
03 Dirty Cartridges In Electric Spiders
04 Harbringer Of Doom
05 I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight
06 Scheissymphonie
07 Densidad De Dramaticos
08 Death Rattle
09 Recondite Power
0A Wastelands
0B Unearthly Apparitions & Ghost Ufos
0C Jungle Warfare
0D Static Tremor
0E Total Slaughter
0F Post-Apocalypso

online stream coming soon!

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