murkbox – 13 days of horror

bad taste old-schooler murkbox is back with new material as well as new takes on some old tunes:

Murkbox Defined
Murkbox is a highly (even overly) stylized musical project with a very simple premise:
Horror and science fiction themed distorted electronic music…
Ranging from electro-klangers to 4/4 bangers & from twisted glitchy clacks to noisescape soundtracks.
Most songs feature samples from classic horror and sci-fi cinema… some do so ad nauseum.

The Sinister Masterplan
Nightly, one of 12 remastered/remixed classic Murkbox tracks will be released.
Some are live, some are lost rarities, some are once more cannabalized– but all are updated edits.

On the nightfall of December 13th, 2011 a new song will be released:

The debut timeframes for the original versions of these remixes range from 1996 to 2011.
A myriad of recording technologies and circumstances are represented, so audio quality varies.
All distortion and overdrive present in the music is intentional… even if unpleasant.

the first two days have already been posted: here’s day one and here’s day two. check the murkbox facebook page for the latest!

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