stAllio! in chicago this weekend @ GLI.TC/H

we’re pleased to announce that stAllio! will once again be performing in chicago as part of GLI.TC/H! GLI.TC/H is an international glitch art conference and festival, with events and exhibitions in chicago, amsterdam, birmingham, and online. stAllio! will be performing friday night, november 4, at the enemy.

this isn’t just any performance: stAllio! will premiere an entire set of all-new, never-before-heard datasound music—his first new material in this vein since true data—with live video accompaniment by video artist glitchard nixon!

also on the bill that night: performances by i ♥ presets, morgan higby-flowers, and cracked ray tube, as well as video screenings and something called glitch karaoke. and that’s just one night: GLI.TC/H will be in chicago all weekend, so check the full schedule for more info.

did i mention that all GLI.TC/H events are free? so if you’re in the chicago area, you really have no excuse not to show up.

here’s a video bumper with a sneak preview of a few seconds of one of the new tunes… if you want to hear more, you’ll either have to show up friday night or wait for the release (tentatively titled does not compute, with possible release next spring):

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