Bad Taste Halloween in Evansville

Friday, October 30
PG // 1418 W Franklin St, Evansville, IN 47710
5$ // all ages

*//// BACONHANGER \\\\*

[Chicago - Weirdcraft Youth Group -
dark electronic/breakcore/digital hardcore]

“Baconhanger is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of Midwestern U.S. According to local folklore, he was inbred and farm-raised by a cult of Satanic Hoosiers who’s sole purpose was to create a pagan deity to convert unbaptized children to Satanism. After murdering his makers he left the confines of the cornfields & holds occult revivals all over the Midwest, eating the souls of the youth.”

*//// STALLIO! \\\\*

[Indianapolis - glitch/audio collage/post mashup]

“stAllio! is an Indianapolis-based artist who works in new media and music—both under his own name and with the band he founded, Animals Within Animals. He is best known for sample-based music and for his experiments with databending and glitch art. His music can’t be pinned down to one style. One minute he’s taking the mashup aesthetic to the next level by slicing up pop music and splicing it back in elaborate ways. The next minute he’s dabbling in ambient loops and noise. Then he’s experimenting with databending—the creative misuse of digital information in ways other than was intended—incorporating sonified data files into his work, and even making music composed exclusively of such sounds.”

*//// DR. BUTCHER MD \\\\*

[Indianapolis,IN - breakcore]

“In his evil lair, deep underground, dr. butcher m.d. conducts vile breakcore experiments and unleashes noise monstrosities and doomsday breaks upon an unsuspecting public. He began his relentless reign of terror in ’97 by assembling a ragtag bunch of misfits and and deviants he called “bad taste”. under his iron-fisted rule, bad taste has terrorized the world in waves, occasionally lying low, but only to plan the next attack. the doctor is in…. inside your house!”

*//// SLAGSEED \\\\*

[Indianapolis - dark electronic/experimental/industrial]

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