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bt#41: stAllio! – fixed that for you

stAllio! - fixed that for youbt#41: stAllio! – fixed that for you

release date: april 26, 2016

this is the one you’ve been waiting for — stAllio!’s third post-mashup release kicks it up another notch to expert level. pop music is shredded apart and intricately woven back into new hooks, mashed to pieces but still recognizable and accessible. no fx, no chipmunking, no corny one-liners where the whole joke is in the title — this is lesson three in how to “mash smarter, not harder.”

comes with a 10-page booklet complete with sample list! it’s a free download (also on bandcamp).

download mp3s:

  1. mash smarter not harder (smartass mix)
  2. bust a groove
  3. people like damn
  4. superman vs robo-haters
  5. booms of doom pt 1: howl at the boom
  6. booms of doom pt 2: boom worker
  7. howl at the dead boom bam footworker (remix by Dr. AWIA, V.M.D.)

download as zip:

download via bandcamp:

watch: Cosmic Microwave Radio, June 13, 2015

this is it: the full recorded stream from last night’s event!

  1. Exploding Head Scene
  2. Mr. Freedom
  3. Magician Johnson
  4. stAllio!
  5. Dr. Butcher, M.D.
  6. Baconhanger
  7. Miami Mice

video stream mixing/FX by Jim Kincaid

bt#38: stAllio! – on the DLL

cover artbt#38: stAllio! – on the DLL
release date: december 19, 2012

stAllio!’s triumphant return to the world of sonified data! once again, stAllio! plunges deep into his hard drive and listens to the data — image files, executables, and link libraries alike are converted to sound for his review. the choicest bits of data are then meticulously assembled into music: glitchy melodies, skittery rhythms, and thunderous beats emerge from the digital noise. you could call it IDM (interpreted data music), dirty 8-bit, or glitch-hop. stAllio! used to call it databent music, but these days prefers the simpler term data sound.

this is stAllio!’s first full-length release in the data sound style (his label debut, dissonance is bliss!, and 2004′s true data 12″, were both EPs) and his first release as a pay-as-thou-wilt bandcamp download. so stream it online, download it for free if you’re feeling cheap, or even chip in a few bucks for your music the way people used to — but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this!

includes 10 brand-new data sound bangers from stAllio! and a bonus remix by schaedel!

stream/download on bandcamp!

baconhanger – suslatry out now!

bt artist baconhanger has a new EP out on scolex! it’s called suslatry and it’s available for free download or as a super-limited 3″ cd!

united states of americore – out now

check out this cool new comp, featuring tracks from bt artists dr. butcher m.d. and baconhanger, as well as AWIA members crazy gnome and freebase frenzy, and lots more of our friends:

baconhanger live set – 01/13/12

baconhanger played at a hardcore party in chicago last friday which we utterly failed to promote on this site. but at least you can enjoy this recording of his set!

Active Listening / The Act of Listening premieres tonight!

not so long ago, listening to music was a passive activity. you turned on the radio or put a record on the turntable, and you listened while the music played. but now attitudes are changing and listening is becoming increasingly interactive, as more and more people remix the world around them.

each week on Active Listening / The Act of Listening, host stAllio! will feature work by remixers, sound collagists, and others who choose to play their records in ways they weren’t meant to be played—as well as perform active listening experiments in the studio, shining new light on old records by playing them in nonstandard ways.

tune in to Active Listening / The Act of Listening on every sunday night at 9:38 eastern / 8:38 central!

new net radio show: Active Listening / The Act of Listening

stAllio! will be hosting a brand-new net radio show called Active Listening / The Act of Listening starting this weekend. the show takes its name from an essay by john oswald:

As a listener my own preference is the option to experiment. My listening system has a mixer instead of a receiver, an infinitely variable speed turntable, filters, reverse capability, and a pair of ears.

An active listener might speed up a piece of music in order to perceive more clearly its macrostructure, or slow it down to hear articulation and detail more precisely. Portions of pieces are juxtaposed for comparison or played simultaneously, tracing “the motifs of the Indian raga Darbar over Senegalese drumming recording in Paris and a background mosaic of frozen moments from an exotic Hollywood orchestration of the 1950′s (a sonic texture like a “Mona Lisa” which in close-up, reveals itself to be made up of tiny reproductions of the Taj Mahal.”)

each week stAllio! will play music and sound art somehow related to this theme (glitch, remix culture, prepared records, etc) as well as do some active listening experiments in-studio, shining new light on old records by playing them in nonstandard ways.

tune in each sunday night at 9:38 pm eastern on! if you’re good, we may even archive old episodes.

bt#24: stAllio! – true data 12″

bad taste #24/ben’s room records #01: stAllio! – true data 12″

release date: april, 2004

buy it on vinyl:

for sale at the AWIA shop and elsewhere.

stream it and/or buy it on bandcamp: