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animals within animals – fresh for 88

video on youtube at
stream or download the audio at soundcloud

animals within animals – unlikely things

animals within animals – angel blood

animals within animals – angel blood from Benjamin Berg on Vimeo.

video: stAllio! – like a broken mp3

here’s the third and final video from stAllio!’s sword to your mother

best viewed in HD (which probably means clicking through and watching on vimeo)

bt#40: stAllio! – sword to your mother

stAllio! - sword to your motherbt#40: stAllio! – sword to your mother

release date: october 2, 2015

you had probably forgotten that line, buried in the liner notes for 2008′s wack cylinders, that read “part one of a trilogy i haven’t named yet.” and who could blame you? there have been three other stAllio! releases since then! but stAllio! never forgot, and the trilogy that still hasn’t been named continues with part two — sword to your mother.

part two continues many of the loop-based appropriation techniques of part one, and throws in a few new tricks. it’s a little glitchier, a little less chatty. it’s a meditation on death and dying technology. it’s a free download.

download mp3s:

  1. this could be close
  2. a thing of the past
  3. a kind of death
  4. winding up
  5. an added advantage
  6. like a broken mp3
  7. everything’s silent
  8. this failed future
  9. tainted canvas
  10. proud and stupid
  11. computer graveyard

download as ZIP:


stAllio! – tainted canvas from Benjamin Berg on Vimeo.

watch: Cosmic Microwave Radio, June 13, 2015

this is it: the full recorded stream from last night’s event!

  1. Exploding Head Scene
  2. Mr. Freedom
  3. Magician Johnson
  4. stAllio!
  5. Dr. Butcher, M.D.
  6. Baconhanger
  7. Miami Mice

video stream mixing/FX by Jim Kincaid

bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

release date: february 29, 2012

every four years comes a day that shouldn’t be—a horrible mistake of a day, like someone’s played a prank on the calendar. we tack an extra day onto the end of february because we have nowhere else to put it; the other months are too crammed full of days already, and poor february has so little… but it’s not enough; like a bad toupee, it just draws more attention to the problem.

animals within animals chose this day, february 29, to release their new album, produce, abuse, resample. did they choose this date to say that this release, like leap day, is an artifact of our damaged system—a kludge, an attempt to fill some vaguely perceived cultural gap using whatever they had on hand? did they choose the date as a wry acknowledgment that it takes them too long to put out material? did they just do it because it sounded cool? because they wanted it out in february and that was the last possible day?

none of these questions will be answered when you hear the album. but on that hourlong odyssey of noisy collage, ritualistic beats, ambience, and profanity, you just may learn what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.

the download is free—as in “free samples”.

download mp3s:

  1. portmanteau
  2. last splash (hello darkness)
  3. approach the world through your ears
  4. four-letter edit
  5. ritual sample abuse
  6. destroy 2000 chip shop windows
  7. rub your head
  8. i don’t need to deal with this shitty music
  9. covered with scorpions
  10. that beeping stuff
  11. rectum abortion music
  12. beautiful stranger
  13. computer scooter
  14. something is wrong
  15. noise is wrong
  16. who?
  17. supposedly there’s a heaven but no one can prove it
  18. abused sample ritual (meta etc mix)
  19. four-letter edit #2
  20. witches in nature’s colors

download as ZIP:

bonus videos:

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stAllio! – eggify music video

from the long-deleted cassette-only release perpetual emotion machine, here’s the music video for “eggify” by stAllio!

created in 1999, this was probably stAllio!’s first true “glitch” video, consisting of video feedback, scrambled porn, and garbled closed captioning. due to the scrambled porn, it’s probably not safe for work, as the occasional breast is visible.

youtube was a lot more restrictive when this and other early bad taste videos were first posted years ago, so we went back to the original VHS source in order to post this new, higher-resolution video.

stAllio!’s latest videos

from a huge smash:

more on stAllio!’s youtube channel