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bt#38: stAllio! – on the DLL

cover artbt#38: stAllio! – on the DLL
release date: december 19, 2012

stAllio!’s triumphant return to the world of sonified data! once again, stAllio! plunges deep into his hard drive and listens to the data — image files, executables, and link libraries alike are converted to sound for his review. the choicest bits of data are then meticulously assembled into music: glitchy melodies, skittery rhythms, and thunderous beats emerge from the digital noise. you could call it IDM (interpreted data music), dirty 8-bit, or glitch-hop. stAllio! used to call it databent music, but these days prefers the simpler term data sound.

this is stAllio!’s first full-length release in the data sound style (his label debut, dissonance is bliss!, and 2004′s true data 12″, were both EPs) and his first release as a pay-as-thou-wilt bandcamp download. so stream it online, download it for free if you’re feeling cheap, or even chip in a few bucks for your music the way people used to — but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this!

includes 10 brand-new data sound bangers from stAllio! and a bonus remix by schaedel!

stream/download on bandcamp!

baconhanger – suslatry out now!

bt artist baconhanger has a new EP out on scolex! it’s called suslatry and it’s available for free download or as a super-limited 3″ cd!

united states of americore – out now

check out this cool new comp, featuring tracks from bt artists dr. butcher m.d. and baconhanger, as well as AWIA members crazy gnome and freebase frenzy, and lots more of our friends:

bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

release date: february 29, 2012

every four years comes a day that shouldn’t be—a horrible mistake of a day, like someone’s played a prank on the calendar. we tack an extra day onto the end of february because we have nowhere else to put it; the other months are too crammed full of days already, and poor february has so little… but it’s not enough; like a bad toupee, it just draws more attention to the problem.

animals within animals chose this day, february 29, to release their new album, produce, abuse, resample. did they choose this date to say that this release, like leap day, is an artifact of our damaged system—a kludge, an attempt to fill some vaguely perceived cultural gap using whatever they had on hand? did they choose the date as a wry acknowledgment that it takes them too long to put out material? did they just do it because it sounded cool? because they wanted it out in february and that was the last possible day?

none of these questions will be answered when you hear the album. but on that hourlong odyssey of noisy collage, ritualistic beats, ambience, and profanity, you just may learn what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.

the download is free—as in “free samples”.

download mp3s:

  1. portmanteau
  2. last splash (hello darkness)
  3. approach the world through your ears
  4. four-letter edit
  5. ritual sample abuse
  6. destroy 2000 chip shop windows
  7. rub your head
  8. i don’t need to deal with this shitty music
  9. covered with scorpions
  10. that beeping stuff
  11. rectum abortion music
  12. beautiful stranger
  13. computer scooter
  14. something is wrong
  15. noise is wrong
  16. who?
  17. supposedly there’s a heaven but no one can prove it
  18. abused sample ritual (meta etc mix)
  19. four-letter edit #2
  20. witches in nature’s colors

download as ZIP:

bonus videos:

(direct link)

(direct link)

(direct link)

Active Listening / The Act of Listening premieres tonight!

not so long ago, listening to music was a passive activity. you turned on the radio or put a record on the turntable, and you listened while the music played. but now attitudes are changing and listening is becoming increasingly interactive, as more and more people remix the world around them.

each week on Active Listening / The Act of Listening, host stAllio! will feature work by remixers, sound collagists, and others who choose to play their records in ways they weren’t meant to be played—as well as perform active listening experiments in the studio, shining new light on old records by playing them in nonstandard ways.

tune in to Active Listening / The Act of Listening on every sunday night at 9:38 eastern / 8:38 central!

new net radio show: Active Listening / The Act of Listening

stAllio! will be hosting a brand-new net radio show called Active Listening / The Act of Listening starting this weekend. the show takes its name from an essay by john oswald:

As a listener my own preference is the option to experiment. My listening system has a mixer instead of a receiver, an infinitely variable speed turntable, filters, reverse capability, and a pair of ears.

An active listener might speed up a piece of music in order to perceive more clearly its macrostructure, or slow it down to hear articulation and detail more precisely. Portions of pieces are juxtaposed for comparison or played simultaneously, tracing “the motifs of the Indian raga Darbar over Senegalese drumming recording in Paris and a background mosaic of frozen moments from an exotic Hollywood orchestration of the 1950′s (a sonic texture like a “Mona Lisa” which in close-up, reveals itself to be made up of tiny reproductions of the Taj Mahal.”)

each week stAllio! will play music and sound art somehow related to this theme (glitch, remix culture, prepared records, etc) as well as do some active listening experiments in-studio, shining new light on old records by playing them in nonstandard ways.

tune in each sunday night at 9:38 pm eastern on! if you’re good, we may even archive old episodes.

stAllio! glitches in front magazine

some of stAllio!’s glitc art was published in the latest issue (#163) of the british magazine front. specifically, he glitched some photos for their feature on dubstep artist joker.

front is a lifestyle magazine that covers music, video games, culture, and—like all british publications—includes photos of nude women (specifically “alt” women with natural busts). you can buy paper copies from their web shop to be shipped anywhere in the world, or if you prefer virtual magazines that can only be viewed using proprietary software, they have that, too. they even have a censored “SFW” digital version for smartphones and tablets, so if you have an ipad and/or want to avoid any risk of seeing an exposed nipple, you’re in luck!

here’s a taste of the first two pages, courtesy of antonio roberts, who nipped on down to the newstand to snap some photos:

stAllio! glitches in front magazine

stAllio! also available to do glitches at parties or glitch your wedding photos.

murkbox – 13 days of horror

bad taste old-schooler murkbox is back with new material as well as new takes on some old tunes:

Murkbox Defined
Murkbox is a highly (even overly) stylized musical project with a very simple premise:
Horror and science fiction themed distorted electronic music…
Ranging from electro-klangers to 4/4 bangers & from twisted glitchy clacks to noisescape soundtracks.
Most songs feature samples from classic horror and sci-fi cinema… some do so ad nauseum.

The Sinister Masterplan
Nightly, one of 12 remastered/remixed classic Murkbox tracks will be released.
Some are live, some are lost rarities, some are once more cannabalized– but all are updated edits.

On the nightfall of December 13th, 2011 a new song will be released:

The debut timeframes for the original versions of these remixes range from 1996 to 2011.
A myriad of recording technologies and circumstances are represented, so audio quality varies.
All distortion and overdrive present in the music is intentional… even if unpleasant.

the first two days have already been posted: here’s day one and here’s day two. check the murkbox facebook page for the latest!

stAllio! in chicago this weekend @ GLI.TC/H

we’re pleased to announce that stAllio! will once again be performing in chicago as part of GLI.TC/H! GLI.TC/H is an international glitch art conference and festival, with events and exhibitions in chicago, amsterdam, birmingham, and online. stAllio! will be performing friday night, november 4, at the enemy.

this isn’t just any performance: stAllio! will premiere an entire set of all-new, never-before-heard datasound music—his first new material in this vein since true data—with live video accompaniment by video artist glitchard nixon!

also on the bill that night: performances by i ♥ presets, morgan higby-flowers, and cracked ray tube, as well as video screenings and something called glitch karaoke. and that’s just one night: GLI.TC/H will be in chicago all weekend, so check the full schedule for more info.

did i mention that all GLI.TC/H events are free? so if you’re in the chicago area, you really have no excuse not to show up.

here’s a video bumper with a sneak preview of a few seconds of one of the new tunes… if you want to hear more, you’ll either have to show up friday night or wait for the release (tentatively titled does not compute, with possible release next spring):

bad taste re-resurrected

welcome to the new! we’re back with a new look and two new releases.

out today, we have legion, the sophomore release from baconhanger! baconhanger has truly stepped up his game with this release—we’re pretty excited about it and we think you will be, too. available starting today for free download!

then later this week, we have the macho EP from animals within animals! AWIA took a break from working on their new full-length to pay tribute to the late macho man randy savage on this EP, available soon for free download.

in the coming months, we’ll have new releases from dr. butcher m.d., the aforementioned AWIA full-length, and the debut release from muerto zoke! stay tuned!