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bt#43: animals within animals presents skipmunks volume 2

bt#43: animals within animals presents skipmunks volume 2

release date: 11/2/18

Nobody can explain exactly what happened to The Chipmunks. Or they won’t publicly. Maybe they don’t want to admit it to themselves. Was it all flawed from the start? Doomed to fail before it even began?

Best not to think about it. At least we have the recordings.

download mp3s:

  1. Fame (Skipmunk Mix)
  2. Low Rider (Skipmunk Mix)
  3. Right Down the Line (Skipmunk Mix)
  4. I Wanne Be Sedated (Skipmunk Mix)
  5. Atomic Dog (Skipmunk Mix)
  6. True (Skipmunk Mix)
  7. Rock It (Skipmunk Mix)
  8. Drive (Skipmunk Mix)
  9. Computer Love (Skipmunk Mix)
  10. Policy of Truth (Skipmunk Mix)
  11. Lithium (Skipmunk Mix)
  12. Mr Boombastic (Skipmunk Mix)
  13. I Want You (Skipmunk Mix)
  14. Last Night (Skipmunk Mix)
  15. Fallin’ (Skipmunk Mix)
  16. Sweet Escape (Skipmunk Mix)
  17. Mrs Officer (Skipmunk Mix)
  18. Pumped Up Kicks (Skipmunk Mix)
  19. Call Me Maybe (Skipmunk Mix)
  20. Work (Skipmunk Mix)
  21. Bad and Boujee (Skipmunk Mix)
  22. This Is America (Skipmunk Mix)

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animals within animals – unlikely things

animals within animals – angel blood

animals within animals – angel blood from Benjamin Berg on Vimeo.

Glitched-out chipmunks release “Skipmunks Vol. 1″

skipmunksv1-cover-CThe Chipmunks, lovable singing robots that resemble rodents, have begun to break down, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing new music.

Now calling themselves “Skipmunks,” the malfunctioning ‘munks have released a new compilation of glitchy, new aesthetic pop, covering songs by Madonna, T-Pain, Beyonce, and more.

“We wanted to sh-sh-sh-sh-show that we can still make beautiful music even if people think we’re ‘broken,’” said ∀lvͮͮͮͮͮin, the self-proclaimed leader of the group.

It is not clear if there are other sets of chipmunk robots that are still fully functional, or if the Skipmunks were the only set. It had not been previously revealed that the Chipmunks were robotic in nature, with the studio preferring to preserve the illusion that they were living creatures.

“We know from Baudelaire that irregularity is an essential part of beauty,” said §imͫͫͫoᴎ, whose AI has been extensively trained in literature and philosophy. “So it’s not surprising that our best record ever is th≣␦ᅀީ⚿ᢱᚧ␊ợ៩ԫₐ with the most errors.”

The new compilation, Skipmunks Volume 1, is available for free download from Bandcamp, and released by Indianapolis-based Bad Taste Music Exchange. It features 20 hits from the 1970s through today, performed in a surprisingly catchy, thoroughly modern style.

bt#42: animals within animals presents skipmunks volume 1

bt#42: animals within animals presents skipmunks volume 1

release date: 7/7/17

When you think back, it should’ve been obvious that something was wrong with The Chipmunks. Something about the way they moved, the way they sang. Something you could never describe. Now that they’ve started to break down, there are many questions, but few answers. You scan the recordings for clues.

download mp3s:

  1. I Feel Love (Skipmunk Mix)
  2. Miss You (Skipmunk Mix)
  3. The Robots (Skipmunk Mix)
  4. Physical (Skipmunk Mix)
  5. Electric Avenue (Skipmunk Mix)
  6. When Doves Cry (Skipmunk Mix)
  7. Love Song (Skipmunk Mix)
  8. Justify My Love (Skipmunk Mix)
  9. Closer (Skipmunk Mix)
  10. Boys & Girls (Skipmunk Mix)
  11. Hypnotize (Skipmunk Mix)
  12. Try Again (Skipmunk Mix)
  13. Last Resort (Skipmunk Mix)
  14. Drop It Like It’s Hot (Skipmunk Mix)
  15. Buy U A Drank (Skipmunk Mix)
  16. My Humps (Skipmunk Mix)
  17. Somebody That I Used to Know (Skipmunk Mix)
  18. Partition (Skipmunk Mix)
  19. Uptown Funk (Skipmunk Mix)
  20. Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh) (Skipmunk Mix)

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bt#41: stAllio! – fixed that for you

stAllio! - fixed that for youbt#41: stAllio! – fixed that for you

release date: april 26, 2016

this is the one you’ve been waiting for — stAllio!’s third post-mashup release kicks it up another notch to expert level. pop music is shredded apart and intricately woven back into new hooks, mashed to pieces but still recognizable and accessible. no fx, no chipmunking, no corny one-liners where the whole joke is in the title — this is lesson three in how to “mash smarter, not harder.”

comes with a 10-page booklet complete with sample list! it’s a free download (also on bandcamp).

download mp3s:

  1. mash smarter not harder (smartass mix)
  2. bust a groove
  3. people like damn
  4. superman vs robo-haters
  5. booms of doom pt 1: howl at the boom
  6. booms of doom pt 2: boom worker
  7. howl at the dead boom bam footworker (remix by Dr. AWIA, V.M.D.)

download as zip:

download via bandcamp:

Bad Taste Halloween in Evansville

Friday, October 30
PG // 1418 W Franklin St, Evansville, IN 47710
5$ // all ages

*//// BACONHANGER \\\\*

[Chicago - Weirdcraft Youth Group -
dark electronic/breakcore/digital hardcore]

“Baconhanger is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of Midwestern U.S. According to local folklore, he was inbred and farm-raised by a cult of Satanic Hoosiers who’s sole purpose was to create a pagan deity to convert unbaptized children to Satanism. After murdering his makers he left the confines of the cornfields & holds occult revivals all over the Midwest, eating the souls of the youth.”

*//// STALLIO! \\\\*

[Indianapolis - glitch/audio collage/post mashup]

“stAllio! is an Indianapolis-based artist who works in new media and music—both under his own name and with the band he founded, Animals Within Animals. He is best known for sample-based music and for his experiments with databending and glitch art. His music can’t be pinned down to one style. One minute he’s taking the mashup aesthetic to the next level by slicing up pop music and splicing it back in elaborate ways. The next minute he’s dabbling in ambient loops and noise. Then he’s experimenting with databending—the creative misuse of digital information in ways other than was intended—incorporating sonified data files into his work, and even making music composed exclusively of such sounds.”

*//// DR. BUTCHER MD \\\\*

[Indianapolis,IN - breakcore]

“In his evil lair, deep underground, dr. butcher m.d. conducts vile breakcore experiments and unleashes noise monstrosities and doomsday breaks upon an unsuspecting public. He began his relentless reign of terror in ’97 by assembling a ragtag bunch of misfits and and deviants he called “bad taste”. under his iron-fisted rule, bad taste has terrorized the world in waves, occasionally lying low, but only to plan the next attack. the doctor is in…. inside your house!”

*//// SLAGSEED \\\\*

[Indianapolis - dark electronic/experimental/industrial]

bt#40: stAllio! – sword to your mother

stAllio! - sword to your motherbt#40: stAllio! – sword to your mother

release date: october 2, 2015

you had probably forgotten that line, buried in the liner notes for 2008′s wack cylinders, that read “part one of a trilogy i haven’t named yet.” and who could blame you? there have been three other stAllio! releases since then! but stAllio! never forgot, and the trilogy that still hasn’t been named continues with part two — sword to your mother.

part two continues many of the loop-based appropriation techniques of part one, and throws in a few new tricks. it’s a little glitchier, a little less chatty. it’s a meditation on death and dying technology. it’s a free download.

download mp3s:

  1. this could be close
  2. a thing of the past
  3. a kind of death
  4. winding up
  5. an added advantage
  6. like a broken mp3
  7. everything’s silent
  8. this failed future
  9. tainted canvas
  10. proud and stupid
  11. computer graveyard

download as ZIP:


stAllio! – tainted canvas from Benjamin Berg on Vimeo.

bt#39: humdrum – sivok

humdrum - sivokbad taste #39: humdrum — sivok

release date: october 2, 2015

sivok is a direct result of forced entry.

humdrum returns with more heavy drums and gritty basslines that make your speakers hum.

download mp3s:

  1. march to the dead
  2. switchback
  3. skaths rupture
  4. facility of destruction
  5. wired souls

download as zip:

stAllio! live in columbus, OH tomorrow night

Pattern Wreck Cognition

Future Maudit


1:35am – 2:15am

Tactil Vision (5am Conductions)
12:50am – 1:35am

Stallio (Bad Taste)
12:05am – 12:50am

Glacial23 (Glacial Communications)
11:20pm – 12:05am

10:40pm – 11:20pm

Acid Owl (Glacial Communications)
10pm – 10:40pm

visuals by:
Pattern Wreck Cognition



Geré Höstt

VJ Vendetta

Friday October 11th
9pm – 18+
5$ (+3$ for under 21)

Cafe Bourbon St
2216 Summit St
Columbus, OH