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bt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

animals within animals - macho EPbt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

release date: august 18, 2011

a musical tribute to a longtime unofficial bad taste mascot, as only AWIA can deliver! we remember macho man randy savage, from his wrestling career to his rap album to his classic catchphrase… and who could forget his slim jim commercials? concludes with a moving eulogy delivered by macho man himself!

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  1. i remember macho man
  2. i bet you any money that the macho man would dig this shit
  3. savage distortions
  4. beef + spice
  5. oh yeah
  6. eulogy

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bt#33: baconhanger – legion

baconhanger - legionbt#33: baconhanger – legion

release date: august 16, 2011

it’s been three years since the release of his debut, but baconhanger hasn’t been slacking off—he’s been sharpening his production skills! the beats and textures are as punishing as ever, but now they cut like a knife instead of bludgeoning you into submission. call him legion, for his breaks are massive!

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  1. Prey
  2. The Ripper
  3. Sabbat
  4. Witchcraft in America
  5. Amduscias
  6. Evilspeak
  7. Seventh Gate to Hell

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bt#32: stAllio! – a huge smash

stAllio! - a huge smashbad taste #32: stAllio! – a huge smash

release date: september 14, 2010

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  1. rockin’ the pop charts
  2. beat jacker
  3. i will destroy you
  4. who do you think you are?
  5. you’ve got to be joking
  6. better than yours
  7. your guitar is skipping
  8. greatest orchestra hits
  9. that new shit
  10. pull up to my buffer
  11. standing athwart hammertime

bt#31: stAllio! – mash smarter not harder EP

stAllio! - mash smarter not harderbad taste #31: stAllio! – mash smarter not harder

release date: may 1, 2008

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  1. introducing the new style
  2. mash smarter not harder
  3. on the shoulders of giants
  4. the future sound of retro
  5. the future sound of retro (the future sound of remixing by drbmd)

bt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

drbmd - hexadecimatebt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

release date: april 16, 2008

format: compact disc

00 Soma Coma
01 Bloody Machiavellic Ritual
02 Psymouz
03 Dirty Cartridges In Electric Spiders
04 Harbringer Of Doom
05 I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight
06 Scheissymphonie
07 Densidad De Dramaticos
08 Death Rattle
09 Recondite Power
0A Wastelands
0B Unearthly Apparitions & Ghost Ufos
0C Jungle Warfare
0D Static Tremor
0E Total Slaughter
0F Post-Apocalypso

online stream coming soon!

bt#29: unszene – reckless stepchild

unszene - reckless stephchildbad taste #29: unszene – reckless stepchild

release date: march 20, 2008

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  1. adapting to change
  2. she was born with it
  3. the way you look
  4. what is your game
  5. empty
  6. don’t hate me
  7. enough
  8. dial tone

bt#28: baconhanger – hoosier holocauspitality

bad taste #28: baconhanger – hoosier holocauspitality

release date: march 20, 2008

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  1. screaming
  2. round after round
  3. slice of bacon
  4. bloodclots
  5. driving henry
  6. waBITszlaer
  7. fuct3r
  8. natasatana
  9. bullets
  10. black x-mas
  11. emodustrial
  12. hoosier holocauspitality
  13. glitch em off me
  14. feedback from the lord
  15. i come from the midwest

bt#27: stAllio! – wack cylinders

stAllio! - wack cylindersbad taste #27: stAllio! – wack cylinders

release date: march 9, 2008

artist website:

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  1. actual sounds of exploding
  2. what could have been
  3. oh dear oh my
  4. a better tomorrow
  5. the dying sound
  6. i don’t think
  7. doctor of love
  8. late for work
  9. doubts
  10. sober up
  11. take your broke ass home
  12. what a man needs
  13. all americans
  14. 27%
  15. c’mon
  16. drinking song

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bt#26: animals within animals – parts is parts

animals within animals - parts is partsbad taste #26: animals within animals – parts is parts

release date: april, 2007

artist website:

  1. he wants it louder
  2. the animals are here!
  3. what parts?
  4. who are these people?
  5. jack and databend
  6. senior office mangler
  7. 77777xxxxxxxxxx33333333
  8. sequences of war
  9. the trashman cometh
  10. transient random noise bursts with funny samples
  11. the scariest thing since sliced bread
  12. staaksamrich
  13. 56k brotherhood
  14. a man has needs
  15. you want really annoying crap?
  16. rash limbo would call this garbage
  17. off0000
  18. offspring next spring
  19. this pain is really flesh
  20. i’m not listening to any more of this

bt#25: humdrum – brokin

humdrum - brokinbad taste #25: humdrum – brokin

mp3 release date: january, 2007

  1. ing
  2. woan
  3. bitofharm
  4. forced entry
  5. clac
  6. skriff
  7. dark light
  8. bane
  9. slagum
  10. blenxer