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bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

bt#37: animals within animals – produce, abuse, resample

release date: february 29, 2012

every four years comes a day that shouldn’t be—a horrible mistake of a day, like someone’s played a prank on the calendar. we tack an extra day onto the end of february because we have nowhere else to put it; the other months are too crammed full of days already, and poor february has so little… but it’s not enough; like a bad toupee, it just draws more attention to the problem.

animals within animals chose this day, february 29, to release their new album, produce, abuse, resample. did they choose this date to say that this release, like leap day, is an artifact of our damaged system—a kludge, an attempt to fill some vaguely perceived cultural gap using whatever they had on hand? did they choose the date as a wry acknowledgment that it takes them too long to put out material? did they just do it because it sounded cool? because they wanted it out in february and that was the last possible day?

none of these questions will be answered when you hear the album. but on that hourlong odyssey of noisy collage, ritualistic beats, ambience, and profanity, you just may learn what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.

the download is free—as in “free samples”.

download mp3s:

  1. portmanteau
  2. last splash (hello darkness)
  3. approach the world through your ears
  4. four-letter edit
  5. ritual sample abuse
  6. destroy 2000 chip shop windows
  7. rub your head
  8. i don’t need to deal with this shitty music
  9. covered with scorpions
  10. that beeping stuff
  11. rectum abortion music
  12. beautiful stranger
  13. computer scooter
  14. something is wrong
  15. noise is wrong
  16. who?
  17. supposedly there’s a heaven but no one can prove it
  18. abused sample ritual (meta etc mix)
  19. four-letter edit #2
  20. witches in nature’s colors

download as ZIP:

bonus videos:

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(direct link)

bt#36: baconhanger – descensus inferos

baconhanger - descensus inferosbt#36: baconhanger – descensus inferos

release date: january 8, 2012

baconhanger is back with four new tracks of breakcore brutality! descend ever deeper into punishing rhythms and demonic dissonance. the download is free, but what will be the cost to your soul?

download mp3s:

  1. Descensus Inferos
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Malleus Maleficarum
  4. Demon Power

bt#35: dr. butcher m.d. – finis hominis

bt#35: dr. butcher m.d. – finis hominis

release date: december 29, 2011

…END OF YEAR…END OF MAN! Over three long years have passed since he last hexadecimated humanity, but once again the elder of eldritch electricultronics, DR. BUTCHER M.D., rises from his cipherous crypt of dark secrets to issue his indictment against mankind as judge, jury & hexecutioner. He returns armed with sixteen more tales of terror, with sinister sounds spanning from sickadelic breakcorror to haunted hip-hop and other obscure oddities in-between, all thoroughly versed in the arts of psychotronic cinemageddon. OUST THE CADENT & BLESSED BE OBSCURITY!

  1. I. K-ZONES
  3. III. ASUBHA PT. 1
  11. XI. ASUBHA PT. 2

this program has been formatted for CD;
there should be no gaps between tracks.

download zip:

all mp3s provided here are 192kbps

if that’s not good enough for you,

buy the CD for $8PPD here

buy the 320kbps MP3/FLAC/OGG @ Bandcamp

…if you can’t be bothered to rip a CD

bt#13: animals within animals – yard ape

bt#13: animals within animals – yard ape

release date: sometime in 2000

AWIA’s debut release is once more available for free download. tracker experiments, analog jams, pause-button editing, filthy defecators, medical doctors, and of course parasites!

  1. i didn’t think i had anything in me
  2. wtf?
  3. fish kill soup
  4. back hump
  5. starfish
  6. possessed by a cheap ghost
  7. funtime
  8. i’m a medical doctor
  9. hanging from the rafters
  10. filthy humans
  11. only the good eat their young
  12. last song

bt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

animals within animals - macho EPbt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

release date: august 18, 2011

a musical tribute to a longtime unofficial bad taste mascot, as only AWIA can deliver! we remember macho man randy savage, from his wrestling career to his rap album to his classic catchphrase… and who could forget his slim jim commercials? concludes with a moving eulogy delivered by macho man himself!

artist website:

artist facebook:

download mp3s:

  1. i remember macho man
  2. i bet you any money that the macho man would dig this shit
  3. savage distortions
  4. beef + spice
  5. oh yeah
  6. eulogy

download zip:

bt#33: baconhanger – legion

baconhanger - legionbt#33: baconhanger – legion

release date: august 16, 2011

it’s been three years since the release of his debut, but baconhanger hasn’t been slacking off—he’s been sharpening his production skills! the beats and textures are as punishing as ever, but now they cut like a knife instead of bludgeoning you into submission. call him legion, for his breaks are massive!

download mp3s:

  1. Prey
  2. The Ripper
  3. Sabbat
  4. Witchcraft in America
  5. Amduscias
  6. Evilspeak
  7. Seventh Gate to Hell

download zip file:

bt#32: stAllio! – a huge smash

stAllio! - a huge smashbad taste #32: stAllio! – a huge smash

release date: september 14, 2010

artist website:

artist facebook:

download mp3s:

  1. rockin’ the pop charts
  2. beat jacker
  3. i will destroy you
  4. who do you think you are?
  5. you’ve got to be joking
  6. better than yours
  7. your guitar is skipping
  8. greatest orchestra hits
  9. that new shit
  10. pull up to my buffer
  11. standing athwart hammertime

bt#31: stAllio! – mash smarter not harder EP

stAllio! - mash smarter not harderbad taste #31: stAllio! – mash smarter not harder

release date: may 1, 2008

artist website:

download mp3s:

  1. introducing the new style
  2. mash smarter not harder
  3. on the shoulders of giants
  4. the future sound of retro
  5. the future sound of retro (the future sound of remixing by drbmd)

bt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

drbmd - hexadecimatebt#30: dr. butcher m.d. – hexadecimate

release date: april 16, 2008

format: compact disc

00 Soma Coma
01 Bloody Machiavellic Ritual
02 Psymouz
03 Dirty Cartridges In Electric Spiders
04 Harbringer Of Doom
05 I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight
06 Scheissymphonie
07 Densidad De Dramaticos
08 Death Rattle
09 Recondite Power
0A Wastelands
0B Unearthly Apparitions & Ghost Ufos
0C Jungle Warfare
0D Static Tremor
0E Total Slaughter
0F Post-Apocalypso

online stream coming soon!

bt#29: unszene – reckless stepchild

unszene - reckless stephchildbad taste #29: unszene – reckless stepchild

release date: march 20, 2008

download mp3s:

  1. adapting to change
  2. she was born with it
  3. the way you look
  4. what is your game
  5. empty
  6. don’t hate me
  7. enough
  8. dial tone